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The Space

Afrinolly Space is a creative hub in the heart of Nigeria's commercial city Lagos, opened for the provision of creative platforms and economic opportunities for established and emerging filmmakers (Content creators), mobile technology developers, innovative voices (Screenwriters), animators (Graphics and VFX), contemporary artists and the cultural industries.


Learn new skills; attend trainings/workshops to improve the quality of your work. Workshops cover everything from pre-production to production through to post production subjects.


Our hot desks and cafe areas are available for use as work space. You are welcome to use these areas for meeting with your collaborators, working and forging new connections.


Find the space and the tools you require to produce video contents; clips, shorts, music videos and feature films. Have access to the latest post-production digital video equipments.

We want


Afrinolly Space consists of production spaces and equipment, post-production resources, industry events and a space to brainstorm your next ambitious video.

• Green Screen
• Studio/Hot Sets
• Private Screening Room
• Training Rooms
• Hot Desks
• Lounge and Cafe

• Cameras, Lights and Sound Gear
• Editing Suites and Colour Grading Facility
• Sound Post Production Facility
• Voice-over Recording Booths
• VFX, Design and Animation Suites
• High Speed Internet

  • 03. Office Space
    Co-creation Spaces
  • 06. Color Grading
    Edit Suites
  • TrainingRoom
    Training Spaces
  • StudioSmall
    Production Spaces





Colour Correction/Grading




Afrinolly is a mobile application that enables African entertainment enthusiasts to watch African movies, short films, music videos and trailers produced in the African movie markets, most especially Nollywood.

Users also get to watch African music videos, Comedy skits, Bollywood movies on your Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows and Nokia Smartphones. Afrinolly (Android version) was developed in 2011 in Nigeria and submitted for the Google Android Developers Challenge, Sub-Saharan Africa, a competition it won in the Entertainment category. Download at

Since its creation, the app has been downloaded by over 4 million users worldwide, making it the most downloaded Entertainment app, designed and developed in Africa. Afrinolly has remained at the forefront of maximizing technology and mobile options for viewing and distributing Africa-generated entertainment especially Nollywood worldwide.

Afrinolly Short Film Competition

The Afrinolly Short Film Competition is a Unique, Innovative and Youth-focused Competition, with singular concentration on the next generation of African film makers. This Competition is designed to expand the conversations on issues about the African continent by Africans, motivate and reward young and emerging filmmakers who exhibit exceptional narrative skills using short movies and documentary as a medium.

Afrinolly Cinema4Change

This project seeks to use the power of film to build a dramatic structure that helps people to not only see the person or issues that a film can address, but also see themselves in such stories. Our goal is to use same power to strengthen communities and improve lives. Afrinolly believes that partnering with non–profits, public sector organizations and corporations, film makers can create films that are artistically compelling and socially significant.


If you can dream it, you can do it. - Walt Disney

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