BlogHarbor Review

BlogHarbor is powerful and affordable world-class web publishing solution. BlogHarbor is a product of Rackshare LLC. It provides user an easy way to publish on the web. It also comes with easy-to-use templates and advanced weblogging features.

User can sign up for 30-day free trial of BlogHarbor from this blog software website.

BlogHarbor is designed into two packages: Standard and Plus. Both packages have the same features. The only difference is the disk storage and bandwidth. It means Standard package has less disk storage and bandwidth than Plus package.

BlogHarbor Highlight Features:

Photo Albums – User can easily upload and manage their digital images. It comes with automatic thumbnail generation and resizing.
Domain Name Mapping – User can use their own domain name for their weblog address.

Category Support – Lets user arrange their articles and photos by category.
Import/Export – Lets user import articles, categories, and comments from Movable Type/Typepad and Blogger weblogs, or export their weblog articles as a compressed XML archive.
Mobile Blogging – User can post articles or photos by email or from their mobile phone. Snap a photo from the cameraphone and have it appear on the web in seconds.

Multilingual Support – Supports international character sets, allowing user to publish their weblog in any language.
Polls and Surveys – This adds interactivity to user’s weblog.
Slideshows – Lets user display a Slideshow of all of the photos in the album.
Web Stats – Provides user with detailed information about visitors to user’s weblog, how they found user, and what they are reading on user’s weblog.
RSS – Syndicates user’s site using the RSS format.
Secure RSS – Syndication with authentication: user’s readers can use their RSS newsreader to browse and access password-protected headlines on the site.

Add RSS Headlines to Weblog – Lets user display RSS headlines from other weblogs and websites on their blog.
Multiple Authors – Allow other authors the ability to post articles to user’s blog, or only to specific categories.
Automatically Ping -Lets the ‘blogosphere’ know what user have updated on their weblog by notifying the,,, or Technorati services.
Media Review Templates – Lets user use templates for posting their Book, Music, and Movie Reviews.

Movable Type/Blogger API Standard-compliant – Supports the Movable Type/Blogger API, which allows user to post to their BlogHarbor weblog using RSS tools such as w.bloggar, Newzcrawler, or NetNewswire. These tools allow advanced bloggers increased flexibility when posting articles.
File Manager – User can upload Word files, PDF files, ZIP files, any type of file using user’s web browser.
FTP Access – User can also upload files to their weblog storage area via FTP.
Security – Lets user protect their privacy by restricting access to areas of your weblog. Allow only users of their choosing to access restricted areas of the weblog.

Trackbacks – Lets user see who’s linking to their articles, and notify other weblogs when user is linking to them.
Comments – Allow visitors to post comments to user’s weblog, either anonymously or after providing a username and password.
Look and Feel – User can customize the look of their blog using built-in themes. Advanced web designers can modify CSS stylesheets and HTML templates to make their weblog truly unique.

Search Engine – Comes with built-in search engine.
Interactive Forms – Lets user create interactive forms for their readers and receive the results of the HTML form submission by email.