Email Marketing Director Review

Email Marketing Director is a powerful email marketing software that allows anyone to create and deliver personalized email marketing campaigns. Email Marketing Director is a product of Arial Software LLC. The software provides solutions for user to send order follow-up emails to customers, deliver email newsletters to readers, send news alerts to subscribers, broadcast important reminders to members, conduct public relations campaigns, send coupons or special offers to their customer base, and much more.

Email Marketing Director is available for Windows 2000, NT, XP, 2003, and Vista. Trial version is available to download from this email marketing software website.

Email Marketing Director Highlight Features:

List Database – Comes with a built-in database supporting an unlimited number of lists.

List Filtering – Let user select only qualifying people from their list easily.

Hands-Free Unsubscribe Processing – All email campaigns can be sent with a working unsubscribe link automatically inserted in the message, making accurate unsubscribe processing a breeze.

Advanced HTML Editing – Comes with built-in advanced HTML editing maintains style sheets, sets advanced page and link properties, and can be configured to spell check email messages. HTML editor also opens in a new larger window. Email messages can also be edited in Dreamweaver, PageMaker or FrontPage HTML programs.

Email Template Library Access – Comes with over 200 professionally-designed email templates are included with the software license.

Email Message Personalization – User can personalize any field from the database.

Common Functions – User can import, export, even their your subscribers’ records

List Management – Comes with advanced find and sorting list management features.

On-screen HTML Editor – Lets user build and preview their HTML email messages with no hassle.

Unlimited Email Campaigns – User can ave, view and reuse an unlimited number of email campaigns.

SSL Support – Both the POP3 and SMTP functions of Email Marketing Director support SSL (secure sockets layer) protocol.

Enhanced Unsubscribe Processing – Lets user remove email unsubscribers from all mailing lists in the built-in database with ease.

Database-wide Bounce Checking – The imported lists can be checked against a cleaner list for one-step email bounce filtering.

Accelerated Importing – User can use accelerated importing for larger lists of email subscribers and standard import to maintain unique formats and characters.

Campaign Metrics – User can access campaign performance logs and trace files from the main menu and reports screen.

Online Help Files – User can learn more about how to use the software with improved online help files.

Improved Bounce Handling – All bounced emails are automatically detected and updated in the internal database.

Improved Data Views – All subscriber data is easier to see and understand with customizable saved views. User can easily combine all their email lists together into one big list.

Email List Merging – Allows user to merge two lists into one while intelligently removing duplicate email addresses.

Do-Not-Email List – Allows user to maintain a centralized list that is applied to all outbound email campaigns.

List Segmentation and Global Email Campaigns – Allow user to send one message to all subscribers, across all email lists, with no duplicates.