GroupMail Review

GroupMail is available for Windows Me, 2000, NT, XP, Vista and Windows 7. There is free version for user to download and try. And they can upgrade later if they satisfying.

GroupMail Highlight Features:

Email Templates – User can send highly formatted professional messages that are personalized for each of their recipients.
Unlimited List – Lets user manage an unlimited number of fully customizable groups/lists with an unlimited number of recipients in each.
Privacy and Security – Lets user keep their valuable recipient details private and completely secure.

Email Management – Lets user run and maintain CAN-SPAM compliant Newsletters with powerful automated subscription, removal and filtering support [more] *
Bounce Management – Lets user handle bounces automatically and verify recipients with ease.

Sending Email – User can send messages directly to their recipients from their desktop, or through a dedicated e-mail server using multiple connections. The software works with MSN and practically all corporate email systems.
Personalization – Let user send personalized wireless mobile SMS text messages to recipients using GroupMail’s unique free Email to SMS gateway tool.

Scheduling – User can prepare and schedule messages for delivery any time in the future.

Multi-Language Support – User can prepare and send their messages in practically any language and with any encoding.

List Management – Lets user fully control and target their mailings with powerful filters, in-line message scripting, reply management controls, customizable headers and in-depth logging and reporting.
Import and Export – User can work with existing customer lists, data and information in practically any format (databases, files – including CSV, address books and more).

Auto-responder – Lets user do follow-up mailings with precision, resume from failures with complete peace of mind and have access to all send related details in highly defined reports and logs.
Add-ons – User can extend functionality of the software through a growing range of add-ons.
GroupMail is designed into four editions: Free, Personal, Business, and Marketing Pack edition.
Free Edition is ideally suited to the home user who only intends to send to smaller groups.

Personal Edition is suited to the professional/power user who wants to manage groups and lists of any size and they can send to them at speeds much faster than Free Edition using multiple connections.
Business Edition is designed for higher volume tasks and is ideally suited to business / corporate user to send almost 100 times faster than the Personal Edition using up to 256 simultaneous connections and incorporates cool features like Database Direct Linking & Importing (ADO/OLEDB/ODBC), Scheduling, Queuing, Background sending, MS Outlook Integration, routing, XML document support, and much more.

GroupMail Marketing Pack Edition is perfect for user who wants to build and manage their mailing lists, create and send email campaigns with personalized messages and get real-time opening and click-through reports that help them measure campaigns.