Email Marketing Director Review

Email Marketing Director is a powerful email marketing software that allows anyone to create and deliver personalized email marketing campaigns. Email Marketing Director is a product of Arial Software LLC. The software provides solutions for user to send order follow-up emails to customers, deliver email newsletters to readers, send news alerts to subscribers, broadcast important reminders to members, conduct public relations campaigns, send coupons or special offers to their customer base, and much more. Continue reading Email Marketing Director Review

Xanga Review

Xanga is simple and easy to use blog software. Xanga is a product of Xanga Company. It provides user an easy way to publish their thoughts and host their photos on the web.

User can sign up for free from this blog software website.
Xanga is designed into three packages: Classic, Premium and Plus.
Classic package is free. It has basic features, and has ads on pages. Continue reading Xanga Review

Wind Blow Free WordPress Theme

Another free WordPress Theme, Wind Blow. You can download and use for free.

Wind Blow is a very interactive WordPress theme which has many special features, let me introduce you some:

  • Wind Blow Button Style Effect: you will see the button hover like the wind blow from right to left.
  • Home Page Stylish: the theme has a great look with unique home page button style with home image.
  • Three Theme Styles in One: there are 3 theme styles including Sea Wind (blue), Nature Wind (Green) and Night Wind (Black) integrate in one which user can switch from one to another which look fantastic.
  • External Links Option: this feature provides flexible option to user to choose whether they want to external links (the links to other sites) in the current window or in new a browser window.
  • Beside the interactive, I also did not forget to make the theme search engines optimize (SEO). All text I use in the theme even on interact button is readable by web spider. It is not a flash button; it is JavaScript integrate with CSS button.

Another special point of the theme is that, the theme is also image optimization for fast web page loading. Wind Blow theme can load faster than normal theme several times because the theme contains images 21.5 KB to load. And user can switch from one style to another only need additional 12KB to load. Therefore, you can save hosting brand width as well as providing your visitor joy for using your blog. Faster loading will not frustrate your visitors even they have slow internet connection.

I hope you enjoy the theme.

Highlight Features in Wind Blow Theme

  • WordPress 2.3 and higher compatibility
  • Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera Tested
  • Valid CSS and XHTML code
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Three Styles: Sea Wind, Nature Wind, Night Wind
  • External Link Option
  • JQuery JavaScript Support
  • Gravatar Support
  • Classic integrate Glassy Style
  • Support WordPress Widgets
  • Widget-Ready sidebars
  • Fixed Width
  • Two Columns with Right Sidebar

BlogHarbor Review

BlogHarbor is powerful and affordable world-class web publishing solution. BlogHarbor is a product of Rackshare LLC. It provides user an easy way to publish on the web. It also comes with easy-to-use templates and advanced weblogging features.

User can sign up for 30-day free trial of BlogHarbor from this blog software website. Continue reading BlogHarbor Review

Handymailer Review

Handymailer is one of the popular email marketing software program that empowers user to design and send personalized HTML messages, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, e-zines, announcements and promotions quickly and easily. Handymailer is a product of Bladesoft Corporation. The software provides solutions for user to build their own opt-in subscriber lists, manage email bounces, process unsubscribe requests, boost sales, generate leads and establish strong customer relationships. Continue reading Handymailer Review