Opera Review

Opera is a powerful web browser that comes with lots of features. Opera is a product of Opera Software ASA. The software lets user search the internet fast and safe and it comes with features such as: Content blocking, Mouse gestures, E-mail and feed integration, Reopen closed tabs, Password manager, Sessions, Inline spell checker, Opera Dragonfly, Opera Mail, Quick Find, Personalize Opera, Feed Preview and much more. Continue reading Opera Review

Linux Web Browsers

Any Linux Web Browsers?

Last week I wrote about free web browsers for Windows and Mac. Now it is time for Linux. Are you looking for a good Linux internet browser ? If your answer is yes, this page is right for you.

There are several outstanding free Linux web browsers available for you to download and use for free as a Linux user. It provides solution from individual users to corporate users as well as web developers. Nearly all of these web browsers are very easy-to-use for users, for example: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Flock and more in the table below. You can surf the internet, browse multiple pages at once, and browse safely without leaving personal information behind. And some comes with built-in pop-up blocker, anti-malware, and anti-phishing. Others let user to change theme, skins and other customizations. All of these features make to improve user’s browsing experience. Continue reading Linux Web Browsers

SeaMonkey Review

SeaMonkey is more than free web browser; it is Internet Suite that comes with web browser, advanced e-mail, newsgroup and feed client, IRC chat, and HTML editor. SeaMonkey was developed under the SeaMonkey Project. The software lets user browse the internet, use email, participate in newsgroup, view feed, chat through IRC, and add/edit web pages with its HTML editor. Continue reading SeaMonkey Review

Flock Review

Flock is a social internet browser that comes with features that user can’t find in any other browser, whether they are consuming the news or making the news. Flock is a product of Flock, Inc. The software lets user find friends, review feeds, edit and upload photos, check webmail, compose blog post, and much more. Continue reading Flock Review