Midori, Amaya And Konqueror Reviews

Midori Review

Midori is a lightweight free web browser that works for Windows, Mac and Linux users. Midori was developed by TwoToasts.de. The software lets user to browse the net, open multiple pages at once, bookmark, and it has other features such as Ads block, form history, mouse gestures, cookie management, and much more.

Midori is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. User can download the software from this web browser software website.

Midori Highlight Features:

The software comes with full integration with GTK+ 2.
It can render pages fast with WebKit
It comes with tabs, windows and session management
It has flexibly configurable Web Search.
The software supports user scripts and user styles.
It comes with straightforward bookmark management.
User can customize and extend the interface.

Has extensions such as Adblock, form history, mouse gestures or cookie management.

Amaya Review

Amaya is a free internet browser that comes with HTML editor. Amaya was the software project hosted by W3C. The software lets user to surf the internet, create web page, upload web page, display and edit (X)HTML, native MathML (.mml) and SVG (.svg) documents, and much more.

Amaya is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms. User can download this web browser software for free from W3C website.

Amaya Highlight Features:

Web Browser – Lets user surf the internet as other web browser.

HTML Editor -Lets user create and edit web pages, manipulate rich Web pages containing forms, tables, and the most advanced features from XHTML, create and edit complex mathematical expressions and graphics within Web pages.

Embedded MathML and SVG Editor – Let user create and edit (X)HTML, native MathML (.mml) and SVG (.svg) documents.

Konqueror Review

Konqueror is a free web browser, file manager, universal viewing application and more. Konqueror was developed by Konqueror Community. The software lets user surf the internet, download file, view various file formats and more.

Konqueror is available for Mac and Linux platform. User can download the software for free from this web browser software website.

Konqueror has three main features: Web Browser, File Manager, and Universal Viewer.

Konqueror Highlight Features:

Web Browser Feature – Lets user browse the Internet as other web browser. The software supports HTML 4.01, ECMAscript 262 support (JavaScript), Cascading Style Sheets, DOM1, DOM2 and partially DOM3, Full support for bidirectional scripts (arabic and hebrew), SSL support (requires OpenSSL) and can house Java applets.

File Manager Feature – Lets user download and manage their download files from Internet. The software can display files and directories using the “icon view” or the “tree view”, allow copying, moving and deleting, by direct drag and drop or by using copy, cut and paste, and it can provide properties on a file, to see and change its attributes in a dialog box.

Universal Viewer Feature – Lets user view a lot of file types. Click on an image and it will display the image in the current view. Click on a text file, it will show its contents. Same for postscript and DVI files, KOffice files, and others.