Mozilla Firefox Review | Part 2

Productivity Highlight Features:

Platform-Native Look & Feel – Whether user uses Windows Vista, Mac or Linux, the browser seamlessly integrates into their computer’s environment.

RSS Feed Reader – User can read feeds using an online Web service, a client-side feed reader or by creating a Firefox Live Bookmark.

Download Manager – Lets user download files seamlessly and securely.

Spell Checking – This built-in spell checker lets user enter text directly into Web pages like blog posts and Web-based email without worrying about typos and misspellings.

Session Restore – User can restart the browser without losing their place after they install an add-on or software update.

Full Zoom – User can visit their favorite news page and read the caption under the picture or view the picture itself in a size they can see.

Tabs Highlight Features:

Tabs – Lets user browse multiple sites at once.

Easy Organization – User can arrange the order of their tabs by dragging them in one swift move of their mouse.

Reopen Closed Tabs – If user accidentally closes a tab, they can reopen it in one click by just viewing Recently Closed Tabs in the History menu.

Save on Exit – When user quits Firefox, they can save their tabs and windows for the next time they start.

Smooth Scrolling – Lets user scroll through tabs easily to see them all and access the one they want quickly.

Search Highlight Features:

Smart Keywords – Lets user assign keywords to search engines, and then simply enter their key and search words in the location bar.

Search Suggestions – Allows user to start typing in the search bar and it will prompt them with a drop down of filled-in suggestions, plus they can use the search bar as a calculator, converter and more.

Integrated Web Search – Use can select the search engine of their choice and type what they want to find directly into the box.

Hundreds of Search Engines – Lets user access their favorite search engines quickly from the integrated search bar.

Find – User can search for a word or phrase on an open Web page.

Universal Access Highlight Features:

Improved Text Rendering – Lets user read their language as it’s written.

Downloadable Fonts – User can view a wider variety of fonts on Web sites while they surf.

Emphasis on Accessibility – Firefox is that much easier to use for those with mobility disabilities and visual impairments.

Universal Customization – Local developers who know what’s best for their community have customized the browsing experience with local dictionaries, search providers, live bookmarks and Web feeds.

The Language of Firefox – Has over 70 different translations, from French and Chinese to Finnish and Czech.

The Cutting Edge Highlight Features:

Offline Browsing – Take user’s computer offline and still have information at their fingertips.

Web Application Integration – Allows user to expand the power of Web-based applications. For example, they can choose a Web mail clients (like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! Mail) to launch when they click on that email address.

Next-Generation Graphics – The rendering of text and graphics, including SVG and Canvas, is faster and sharper than ever before with Firefox’s upgraded graphics engine.

Newest Web Technologies – With this brand new and enhanced functionalities enable Web site authors and developers to create advanced content and applications.

Location-Aware Browsing – Now Firefox can tell websites where user is located so they can find info that’s more relevant and more useful and is done with the utmost respect for user’s privacy.

Open Video and Audio – Supports open video and audio formats without requiring a plug-in or a proprietary software download.