OmniWeb Review

OmniWeb is free web browser for Mac users that comes with advanced features than the standard browser of Mac. OmniWeb was developed by The Omni Group. The software lets user to find information quickly, stay organize, and put their browser in control.

OmniWeb is available for Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later. User can download this web browser software for free from the Omni Group website.

OmniWeb Highlight Features:

Tabs – Lets user browse multiple pages at once, switch back and forth between them, change their position in the drawer, create new tabs on the fly, and even drag and drop tabs from one window to another.

Shortcuts – Lets user build shortcuts to any searchable website, like Google or the Internet Movie Database. User can save space on their toolbar by typing their shortcut keywords into the location field, or they can create a Search Shortcut field where all their shortcuts are available from a drop down menu.

Ad Blocking – User can block pop-ups or choose to view pop-ups only when they ask for them. User can tell OmniWeb to block any ad content coming from a known ad server, block all Flash content – and much more.

Workspaces – Lets user have 263 different web pages open. User can save their individual browsing sessions in one handy location. When they create a workspace, OmniWeb saves information like which web pages they have in their tabs, their history, and even the location of the windows on their screen.

Auto-Saved Browsing Sessions – User just click a check box that says “Auto-save while browsing” to save their individual browsing sessions, like which web pages they have in their tabs, their history, and even the location and configuration of the windows on their screen. When they quit OmniWeb, all the information is saved, and upon launching again their entire workspace is restored just as they left it.

Bookmarks – Lets user easily see their most visited web sites or all the bookmarked pages that have been updated since they last visited them.

RSS News Feeds – Comes with built-in ‘News Feed’ bookmarks for viewing XML/RSS feeds from many popular web sites right in OmniWeb’s bookmarks.

Site Preferences – On each individual domain user can customize how they interact with the content; change the text size, tell OmniWeb where to save downloads for a particular site, even specify which sites they want to allow pop-up windows and advertising on and much more.