Opera Review

Opera is a powerful web browser that comes with lots of features. Opera is a product of Opera Software ASA. The software lets user search the internet fast and safe and it comes with features such as: Content blocking, Mouse gestures, E-mail and feed integration, Reopen closed tabs, Password manager, Sessions, Inline spell checker, Opera Dragonfly, Opera Mail, Quick Find, Personalize Opera, Feed Preview and much more.

Opera is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. The software is available to download from this web browser website.

Opera comes with three main features: Productivity, Look and Feel, Tools and Security.

Productivity Highlight Features:

Opera Turbo – The software uses compression technology for fast browsing on slow connections

Automated Crash Reporting – Opera is designed to restart and recover all user’s tabs if a crash occurs.

Opera Unite – Allows user to share content directly with friends without having to upload anything to a Web site. User can stream music, show photo galleries, share files and folders or even host their own Web pages directly from their browser.

E-mail – User can user Opera Mail to send rich text messages including inline images, styled text, links, and/or custom HTML.

Opera Dragonfly – This allows Web developers to debug JavaScript and inspect CSS, the DOM and HTTP headers, right from the comfort of Opera browser.

Opera Mail – It is built right into the browser. This optimizes for user’s daily e-mail-handling requirements. It is called Opera Mail, and it organizes, indexes and sorts user’s messages, so they can spend more time doing the real work.

Opera Link – Lets user synchronize data of their choice online or among different computers and devices.

Inline Spell Checker – It underlines any misspelled words.

Look and Feel Highlight Features:

New Visual Tabs and Sleek Design – Comes with resizable tab bar. And user can drag the handle underneath the tabs to reveal thumbnails of their open Web pages.

Speed Dial – User can get to their favorite Web sites more quickly with Speed Dial.

Integrated Web Search – Lets user get quick access to their favorite search engine directly from the resizable search box, in the address field or from the context menu.

Customized Browser – User can choose among hundreds of skins and setups, add or remove buttons and toolbars, or change the entire layout of the browser.

Zoom – User can easily read Web sites with small fonts, or zoom out to see the whole Web page.

Tools Highlight Features:

Quick and Customizable Web Search – Allows user to get quick access to Google, eBay, Amazon and more with the search field in the upper-right corner.

Quick Find – User can search not only the titles and addresses, but the actual content of the Web pages they have recently visited.

Content Blocking – Lets user block images, pop-ups, and plug-ins they do not want to see. Right-click and choose “Block content” to disable annoying elements selectively.

Download Manager with BitTorrent – User can download files more quickly with Opera. Opera starts downloading as soon as they have saved the file, so there is no wasted time.

Add a Widget – Comes with widgets (multimedia, news feeds, games and more) that make user’s desktop experience more fun and useful.

Security Highlight Features:

Encryption – Supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL) version 3, and TLS. Opera offers automatic 256-bit encryption, the highest available security of any Web browser.

Auto-Update – Makes it easier than ever to stay up-to-date with the latest version. With auto-update user can choose to have completely automatic updates or to be notified when an update is ready for them to install.

Delete Private Data – It can be configured to clear the history and cache when exiting, to protect user’s privacy. Any kind of private data can easily be erased.

Security Bar – Displays security information inside the address bar. By clicking on the yellow security bar, user can get access to more information about the validity of the certificate.

Stay Safe with New Fraud Protection and EV – Fraud Protection is enabled by default, automatically detecting and warning user about fraudulent Web sites. Fraud Protection is powered with phishing information from Netcraft and PhishTank and malware protection from TRUSTe. It also supports Extended Validation certificates (EV). This provides added assurance and trust for secure Web sites.

Cookie Control – Gives user detailed control of which cookies to accept and reject, such as allowing for different set-ups for different servers.