Safari Review | Part 2

Browsing and Navigation Highlight Features

Top Sites – The software automatically identifies user’s favorite sites and displays them as a wall of stunning graphical previews.
Customize Number of Top Sites – Lets user display 24, 12, or 6 site thumbnails, respectively.

Pin Top Sites – User can pin sites to specific locations by clicking the pushpin that appears over the site.
Top Sites: Fresh News – User can see at a glance when one of their top sites has been updated.

Full History Search – User can instantly find pages they visited in the past with Full History Search.
Tabbed Browsing – This is a great way to check several websites at once without cluttering user’s desktop, tabbed browsing lets them see and switch between multiple websites in a single window.

Movable Tabs – Let user organize tabs by dragging and dropping.
Open New Windows with a Group of Tabs – User can open a group of tabs that contain the sites they want to visit every time they browse.
Smart Address Field – Lets user enter web addresses quickly and easily. It automatically completes it with the most likely match and highlights it.
Auto-Complete Web Addresses – User can let Safari complete their web addresses automatically. It uses user’s bookmarks and browsing history to anticipate the destination and fill in the full address for user.

AutoFill: Personal Information – User can let the software automatically fill out web forms for them using information in their Mac OS X Address Book, Outlook, or Windows Address Book.
AutoFill: Forms – It can also automatically fill in forms, such as search fields, that user repeatedly uses on the web.

AutoFill: User Names and Passwords – The software can auto fill and encrypt the user names and passwords to keep user’s personal information secure.
Downloads Window – Comes with a download management window. User can user it to pause, resume, or cancel a transfer or find the location of downloaded files.

Auto-Remove Download List Items – Minimizes the number of items appearing in user’s downloads list.
Spell Checking – Offers built-in spell checking.It can spell-check in 14 different languages.

Grammar Checking – Offers built-in grammar checking.
Middle-Click Pan and Scroll – User can click the middle mouse button to enable the feature, then move the mouse in any direction to pan through the web content. Middle-click a second time to return to the normal mouse mode.
Save as Web Archive – Lets user store important or private web documents like receipts and invoices on their hard drive as web archive files.
New Window Preference – User can choose what’s displayed when they first open Safari: Top Sites, their home page, an empty page, their current web page, or their bookmarks.

Merge All Windows – User can consolidate all of the open browser windows into a single window with multiple tabs by choosing Merge All Windows from the Window menu.

Reopen All Windows from Last Session – User can start browsing where they left off the last time they quit Safari.
Reopen Last Closed Window – User can easily recover the close window by choosing Reopen Last Closed Window from the History menu.
Auto-Remove History Items – Safari automatically purges history items older than one month by default.

Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts – Lets user browse faster and more productively using keyboard and mouse shortcuts.
Help – User can learn how to get the most out of Safari with its comprehensive Help system.

Report Bugs to Apple – Lets user report Bugs to Apple to correct the problem and improve the browsing experience.
View Installed Plug-ins – The software groups the plug-ins by category, listing the name, version number, description, and associated extensions for each plug-in.

Built-in RSS Highlight Features:
RSS Reader – Offers the built-in RSS reader for user to scan the latest news, information, and articles from thousands of websites in one simple-to-read.
RSS Auto-Discovery – Offer an RSS feed by displaying an RSS icon in the address field.

RSS Search – Lets user search their RSS feeds for topics of interest, simply enter their search in the Search Articles field.
RSS Aggregation – User can view multiple feeds in one unified list.
RSS Unread Indicator – It distinguishes between read and unread articles by highlighting items they haven’t read.
RSS Sorting – User can change the order in which Safari lists the articles by clicking Date, Title, Source, or New in the list on the right side of the RSS article listing.

RSS Actions – User can update their RSS pages, mark articles as read, or email a link to an RSS feed.
Bookmark RSS Feeds – Lets user bookmark an RSS feed the same way they bookmark traditional websites.

RSS Update Notification – Maintains a count of the number of new articles appearing in user’s RSS feeds since user last checked them.
RSS Adjust Length of Article – User can adjust the length of their RSS article summaries and obtain the right amount of detail at a glance.
Personal RSS Clipping Service – User can create a personal clipping service to notify them when certain topics are mentioned on their favorite sites.