Safari Review | Part 3

Bookmarks Highlight Features

Bookmarks Library – Let user view, create, and organize their bookmarks.
Cover Flow – Lets user flip through websites as easily as they flip through album art in iTunes.

Drag-and-Drop Bookmark Organization – Allows user to easily rearrange your bookmarks in the bookmarks bar by dragging them to the right or left.
Drag-and-Drop Bookmark Creation and Deletion – Lets user create and delete bookmarks with a simple drag and drop.

History View – Lets user take a closer look at their browsing history in the History view.
Bookmark Search – User can find bookmarks quickly while it searches for matching URLs, website names, and even website content to find the bookmark they are looking for.

Bookmark Folders – User can organize their bookmarks in custom folders, such as News, Resources, Networking, Photo, or Blogs.
Integrated Bookmarks Bar – The most frequently used bookmarks are always visible without cluttering user’s screen.

Bookmark Auto-Click – The software offers a great way to automatically open the bookmarks inside a bookmark folder, each in a separate tab.
Bookmark Tabs – Let user reopen each site in a separate tab with a single click.

Custom Bookmark Naming – User can simplify their bookmarks with custom names.
Bonjour Bookmarks – Lets user access and manage the printers and computers on their network from the Bonjour section of their bookmarks library
Synchronize Bookmarks Using MobileMe – User can keep the bookmarks on their computers and devices in sync using MobileMe.

Import Bookmarks – Allows user to choose Import Bookmarks from the File menu to import their Firefox and Internet Explorer bookmarks into Safari.
Export Bookmarks – User can easily transfer and back up their bookmarks.
Address Book Bookmarks – The software automatically lists address book in the Address collection in user’s bookmarks library.

International Highlight Features:

International Localizations – Safari is available in 16 languages and can spell-check in 14 languages.
International Web Content – The software is designed to handle web content from all regions of the world, including a broad range of alphabets, number systems, writing directions, currencies, weights and measurements, date and time formats, and time zones.

Unicode Support – Supports Unicode, the accepted international encoding standard, user can enjoy web content in any number of languages, including Arabic, English, and Japanese.

IDN Support – User can access sites with non-English web addresses.
Right-to-Left Text – Supports multi-directional text rendering, allowing websites drafted in other languages to display characters from right to left.
Default Regional Bookmarks – The software uses user’s operating system’s regional settings to determine their location, then customizes their bookmarks based on region.
Mac Integration Highlight Features:
Downloads Stack – When user downloads files or programs to their Mac, Safari saves them in the Downloads stack in the Dock so they can get to them with a few clicks.

Web Clip – User can turn any web page into a Dashboard widget on their Mac.
Inline PDF Viewing – Comes with a built-in PDF engine, allowing user to quickly review PDF documents in Safari without having to install slow and cumbersome third-party plug-ins.

Save Images to iPhoto – Lets user save web images directly to iPhoto.
Mail Contents of This Page – Integrates seamlessly with Mac OS X Mail, making it easy to email full web pages to friends, family, or colleagues.
Mail Link to This Page – User can easily email web page links to a friend, colleague, or yourself.

Automator Support – User can access web images, downloads, and text directly from their custom workflows with the Safari actions built into Automator on a Mac.

AppleScript Support – Allows AppleScript developers to access the content and properties of websites such as HTML, DOM, and JavaScript elements directly in scripts and custom applications.