Safari Review | Part 4

Developer Tools Highlight Features

Powerful Tools – Comes with a powerful set of tools that make it easy to debug, tweak, and optimize a website for peak performance and compatibility.
Web Inspector – Gives user quick and easy access to the richest set of development tools ever included in a browser.

Elements – Makes it easy for developers to examine their Document Object Model (DOM) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) rules.
JavaScript Debugger – Comes with powerful JavaScript Debugger that lets user pause the JavaScript, set breakpoints, and evaluate local variables.
JavaScript Profiler – User can optimize their JavaScript code using the state-of-the-art JavaScript Profiler.

Databases – Allows user to view tables and databases and even execute SQL queries.
Resources – The software graphs the order and speed at which website components load over the network.

Snippet Editor – Makes it easy for user to test experimental pieces of HTML markup.
Error Console – It highlights warnings, syntax mistakes, or JavaScript errors affecting user’s site.
Develop Menu – User can access all of the developer tools in Safari from their menu bar.

View Activity – Lets user see a complete list of the documents, images, and other web assets that load as part of a page.
View Source – Allows user to examine the original HTML of a web page.
Change User Agent – Lets user determine if a website is customizing content for different browsers.

Open Page With – User can select an alternative browser by choosing Open Page With from the Develop menu.
Save As Page Source – Lets user save their website’s HTML source code.
Disable Caches – User can choose Disable Caches from the Develop menu to force the browser to grab live graphics, pages, and other resources from the network instead of using cached resources.

Disable Images – User can learn how such users experience content on their site by disabling your site’s images in the Develop menu.
Disable JavaScript – Lets developer experience how their website will behave for users who have disabled JavaScript.
Disable Runaway JavaScript Timer – Alerts users when they land on a site that uses slow JavaScript code.

Disable Styles – Safari loads pages without applying any CSS rules, allowing developer to evaluate how text browsers, search engines, and screen readers will interpret their pages.
Graphics and Fonts Highlight Features:
High-Fidelity Graphics and Fonts – The software delivers the beautiful graphics, fonts, and effects user expects from Apple.
Anti-Aliased Fonts – User can enjoy crisp, gorgeous fonts.
Color Profile Support – Lets user see the photos and images in their browser as true to the originals as possible.

Printing Auto-Format – The software formats the site based on the content and displays a preview for user’s approval.
Shrink-to-Fit Printing – It calculates the web page layout and adjusts the print size by up to 10 percent if doing so will reduce the number of printed pages.
Contextual Letters – Safari recognizes many of these contextual letter forms when rendering different fonts and languages.

CSS Animation – Allows designers to scale, rotate, fade, and skew web elements to create sites with cutting-edge graphics animation.
CSS Effects – Developers can stylize images and photos with eye-catching gradients, precise masks, and stunning reflections, providing an extra layer of polish to their websites by adding just a few lines of code.
CSS 3 Web Fonts – Web designers can choose from a broader set of fonts to design stunning websites.