Safari Review | Part 5

Search Highlight Features

Built-in Google Search – Comes with built-in Google search.
Smart Search Field – The software recommends relevant searches courtesy of Google Suggest and lists their most recent searches, presenting them in an easy-to-read list.

Search Suggestions – It uses Google Suggest to complete search queries as user types, based on popular search terms.
Full History Search – User can use Full History Search to instantly find pages they have visited in the past.
Find – The software instantly locates all occurrences of the text on the current web page, shows user how many occurrences it’s found, and highlights every instance.

SnapBack – A single click on the SnapBack icon takes user right back to their original search results.
Built-in Yahoo! Search – User can choose to search the Internet using built-in Yahoo! Search.
Bookmark Search – Lets user find their bookmarks instantly with bookmark searching.

Security and Privacy Highlight Features:

Phishing Protection – Protects user from fraudulent Internet sites. When user visits a suspicious site, Safari warns user about its suspect nature and prevents the page from loading.
Malware Protection – The software recognizes websites that harbor malware before user visits them.

Antivirus Integration – Notifies user’s antivirus software whenever user downloads a file, image, application, or other item. This allows the antivirus software to scan each download for viruses and malware.
Private Browsing – Helps protect user’s personal information.
Pop-Up Blocking – Intelligently blocks all unprompted pop-up and pop-under windows, so user can avoid distracting advertisements while they browse.
EV Certificates – Supports Extended Validation (EV) Certificates, allowing user to easily identify legitimate websites and businesses.
Cookie Blocking – Blocks tracking cookies by default. Safari accepts cookies only from user’s current domain.

Safe Downloads – Reminds user where it came from before opening it for the first time, so they can be sure it’s legitimate.
Secure Encryption – To prevent eavesdropping, forgery, and digital tampering, Safari uses encryption technology to secure user’s web communications.
Standards-Based Authentication – Lets user identify themselves when visiting secure websites.

Parental Controls: Custom Filter – Quickly reviews websites before they load to determine if they’re suitable for kids.
Parental Controls: Logs – Lets user see which web pages their children have visited.

Parental Controls: Approved List – User can create an approved list of websites that their children can visit.
Proxy Support – Supports the most popular proxy services and automatically detects a variety of proxy protocols, including Automatic Proxy configuration, FTP Proxy, Web Proxy (HTTP), Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS), Streaming Proxy (RTSP), SOCKS Proxy, and Gopher Proxy.
Automatic Updates – Lets user get quick, easy access to the latest security updates.

Reset Safari – User can erase every trace of their browsing in one simple step.
Empty Cache – User can clear the stored files when they choose Empty Cache from the Safari menu.

Clear History – Lets user choose Clear History from the History menu to erase their browsing history and start with a clean slate.
Customize Offline Database Storage Size – User can control the amount of storage available for their offline applications.

User Interface and Appearance Highlight Features:

Default Font Preference – User can change the default font Safari uses to display text on their web pages.
Elegant User Interface – User will see a scroll bar only when they need one.
Full-Page Zoom – Lets user take a closer look at small print on their favorite sites.

Multi-Touch – Allows user to use Multi-Touch gestures in Mac OS X to browse using only their fingers.
Inline Progress Indicator – The software moves the progress indicator into the address field, making it more visible and freeing up space for web content.
Customizable Toolbar – User can personalize their Safari toolbar, so they see only the buttons they use.

Resizable Text Fields – User can drag the bottom-right corner of a text entry field to expand it on the page.

Windows Integration Highlight Features:

Windows Native Look – Comes with native look including a native title bar, borders, and toolbars.
Windows Font Rendering – Safari on Windows now uses Windows Standard fonts to deliver a more consistent experience.

Downloads Folder Preference – When user downloads files or programs to their computer, Safari saves them to their My Documents folder (Windows XP) or Downloads folder (Windows Vista).
Mail Link to This Page – User can easily email web page links to a friend, colleague, or themselves.

Plug-in Download Assistance – Links user directly to the most popular plug-ins and walks thme through the installation steps.