Xanga Review

Xanga is simple and easy to use blog software. Xanga is a product of Xanga Company. It provides user an easy way to publish their thoughts and host their photos on the web.

User can sign up for free from this blog software website.
Xanga is designed into three packages: Classic, Premium and Plus.
Classic package is free. It has basic features, and has ads on pages.

Premium and Plus package have the same features. User has the option to turn off ads of Xanga. The only difference is the disk storage and bandwidth. It means Premium package has less disk storage and bandwidth than Plus package. 

Xanga Highlight Features:

Storage Space – Lets user store files to display on their blog.
Uploads per Month – The amount that user can upload per month.
Bandwidth per Month – The amount of bandwidth that user can user per month.

Max Upload File Size – The maximum file size is 20MB.
Email Posting – Lets user post via email.
Rich Text Editing – Comes with editor for easy publishing.
Spell Checking – Comes with spell checker to check for spelling mistake in the post.

Extra Color Palettes – Lets user change the color of text with ease.
User Blocking – Lets user block others people from viewing the contents.
Protected Posting – User can protect their posts with password.
Max Members per List – The amount of users per list that is in the protected list.

Downloadable Archives – Comes with downloadable archives of posts.
Online Archives – Posts are also archived online.
Hide Xanga Ads on Your Public Site – Option to hide ads from display on the blog.

Show Your Own Ads on Your Public Site – Option for user to display their own Goolge AdSense on their blog.
Profile Pics – The picture that will be displayed on each user profile.